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Personal injury claims arise when you or your loved one suffers harm from an injury or accident, whether it be physical and/or psychological. Such claims arise in car or motorcycle accidents, work injuries (workers compensation claims), construction accidents, nursing home and elder abuse or medical complications arising from a physician’s carelessness; defective products; or wrongful death. We also represent individuals who suffer civil rights violations, battery, assault, and infliction of emotional distress.

The main issues in these cases are a) is the defendant liable for the injuries and b) what is nature and extent of the damages incurred?

Damages that can be awarded for these injuries include: 1) those that are measurable, such as past and future medical expenses and past and future lost wages; and 2) past and future pain, suffering, emotional distress and disability or loss of normal life.

When you suffer an injury for which you are entitled compensation, Rothmann Law will zealously represent you. We have decades of experience representing victims and securing the best outcomes available for their claims.

Contact Rothmann Law for a free consultation.

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